Root Tools: an Open Source Toolkit for Developers

Root Tools is a new open source project aimed at making life easier for developers of apps that require root. The library already includes about half a dozen methods, including ways to remount, send shell commands, find busybox, and more.

As the project’s Google Code homepage states,

“In the long run the goal of this project will be to make it easier for developers to create rooted apps by creating libraries that will help them do routine things without having to constantly re-write code.”

The project was started by Stericson, who you may know as the man behind MetaMorph, NinjaMorph and the Android version of Busybox. But Root Tools is not intended to be a one man show. Already, the project has commits by two others besides Stericson, and he has made clear that he intends Root Tools to be a community driven project.

If you can contribute to the project, or if you can use the tools in apps you’re developing, head over to the Root Tools project home to check it out.

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