SwiftKey Tablet Wins CTIA E-Tech Award

We’ve just gotten a press release from the team behind the SwiftKey Tablet keyboard, and they’ve apparently won the CTIA E-Tech Award. We here at AndroidGuys would like to extend our congratulations to the SwiftKey team. If you’re not familiar with SwiftKey, it’s a virtual keyboard for Android that started out as an alpha keyboard. I myself was an alpha tester, and let me tell you that it’s come a long way from the public beta released last year.

Since the beta keyboard left its early form and entered the Android Market, TouchType, the company behind SwiftKey, has announced a tablet optimized version, called (creatively enough) SwiftKey Tablet. You can see what it looks like in the picture above. It’s clear that the team put a lot of work into this keyboard. TouchType has promised in their press release that SwiftKey Tablet will launch in the Android Market soon. Again, congrats to the SwiftKey team, and here’s to many more awards in the future! Do any of our readers use SwiftKey on their Android phone? Are you excited for SwiftKey Tablet? Sound off in the comments! The full press release can be seen below.




[spoiler effect=”phase” show=”Press Release”]SwiftKey Tablet wins CTIA E-Tech Award 2011­ 

ORLANDO, FL — SwiftKey Tablet™, a new app designed to boost typing speeds on tablet devices, was among the winners at CTIA’s Emerging Technology Awards on Wednesday.

The app, which solves the challenge of typing on a tablet by offering a range of optimized layouts, market-leading error correction and personalized next-word predictions, was selected from over 250 entries by a panel of expert judges to win second place in the E-Tech Awards’ Mobile Applications: Productivity, Utility & Public Safety category.

It comes as SwiftKey, TouchType’s text entry app for smartphones, became the most-downloaded paid app on Amazon’s new Appstore for Android™ on its first day of operation – and was in the top five among all apps and game downloads.

TouchType CEO Jon Reynolds said, “We are very pleased to have won an Emerging Technology Award at CTIA this year, fighting off some incredibly tough competition, while having such a great first day on Amazon. This continues to define us as a global leader in the text entry space. 2011 couldn’t be more exciting.”

SwiftKey Tablet™ was designed by TouchType at Google’s HQ in Mountain View, CA, to work natively on Android Honeycomb tablets. The app was demonstrated on Google’s Android stand at Mobile World Congress 2011.

The new Honeycomb app builds on a very successful launch of SwiftKey for smartphones in 2010, which quickly became the top keyboard on Android Market™ after launching last summer. The app, which is soon to exceed a million downloads, was named as Best App 2011 at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona last month. SwiftKey is currently available for a sale price of $1.79 on Amazon’s Appstore for Android; SwiftKey Tablet is set for launch soon.




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