Yap to Provide Free Voicemail-to-Text for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon

This morning at CTIA, Yap, an innovator in the realm of cloud-based, automated speech recognition services, announced the availability of Yap Voicemail, a competitor to Google Voice along the lines of PhoneFusion and YouMail. Yap’s goal is to eliminate the need to listen to long voicemails by converting voice messages into text presented in a clean, organized manner.

The application’s key feature is the ability to quickly find and read voice messages. Additionally, Yap Voicemail allows its users to respond to voice messages via text message or email.

In an attempt to provide its services directly to consumers, Yap Voicemail is a free download, can be found in the Android Market. You can find more information about the company on Yap’s website.

Why was Sprint not invited to the party? Perhaps it has to do with Sprint‘s newfound appreciation for Google Voice.


Source: Business Wire



  • Anonymous

    I’m not comprehending why this WON’T work with Sprint. All it’s doing is a conditional call forward to some Yap number, correct? A Sprint phone is just as capable of doing that as the other big three….I’m sure cricket/metro/USC can too.

    Also, is this any different than what YouMail does?

  • Dtoonice1

    It does not work with my Verizon phone….HTC thunderbolt.

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