Launches I Journal with Author Shawn Achor, developer of popular notepad app Catch Notes, announced that it has launched a new app called I Journal in partnership with self-help author Shawn Achor.

I Journal is intended to help users develop a lifelong habit of daily journaling. Where Catch Notes is focused on capturing notes for tasks and organizational purposes, I Journal aims at getting people to record their daily experiences–via text, photos and voice memos–to gain a more positive outlook on life. 

Organized around concepts in Achor’s book, The Happiness Advantage, journal entries in I Journal are categorized as having to do with gratitude, meditation, exercise, and acts of kindness. To get users in the habit of journaling, the app includes a system of badges awarded based on the number of consecutive days of journaling with the app.

Achor stresses the importance of keeping track of the good things in your life:

“Despite current difficulties, there is always something to be grateful for. When you write down a list of three good things that happen per day, your brain will be forced to scan the last 24 hours for positives, boosting your happiness. Now, instead of dusting off an old journal, I am thrilled to team up with the experts at to bring this proven practice into the new millennium.”

The app is powered by a account. Notes can take the form of text, photos and voice memos, and entries can be location-tagged and shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I Journal is available for free in the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore.