HTC to Incredible S Users: NO ROOT FOR YOU!

Image Credit: Engadget

Engadget is reporting this morning that the AndIRC team that has had some experience exposing the Thunderbolts locked bootloader and creating the root process has also identified the same lockout code in the Incredible S (which for us here in the States is probably going to be the Incredible 2).

Could this be a sign of things to come with HTC handsets?  Are they going to go the way Motorola has with their locked bootloaders?  Time will tell but this certainly does not bode well.  More info as it comes in.

  • HTC are the guys who agreed to pay MSFT licence fees for Android, too. No wonder Google phones are made by Samsung now.

  • Jamerson90

    I saw this coming with the G2 (the last HTC phone released before the thunderbolt). They don’t care about the rooting community at all

    • Drgreg28

      Didnt the MT4G come after the G2?

  • It’s Verizon requesting the locked bootloader like it was with T-Mo’s G2.

    I sure hope Sprint doesn’t request the Evo 3D to be locked.

    • This isn’t the Verizon version, tho. It’s the unlocked GSM version for international markets.

    • Agree, they should not do the same thing to the Evo 3D.

  • I was for sure the HTC had a deal with some of the modders because their phones normally get rooted on day 1 but i guess not…..Now the door is open if anybody comes out with a rootable phone with ok specs. then im sure it will sell.

  • Feel so bad for all you owners. I have my Droid incredible rooted and it adds so much more. Maybe despite the odds they will root it.

  • Zjc336699
  • Anonymous

    I have my android it does well for me i don’t know more than that,But i am sorry for the owners.

    anthony morrison

  • sally
  • Well if you have purchased your Incredible S in Asia and have S-Off then there is a pre-rooted rom along with custom recovery available: