HTC Opening “Scribe” Tech to Third Party Devs

While the jury may still be out for some concerning the upcoming HTC Flyer/EVO View 4G and it’s Scribe powered pen, there is some exciting news as HTC has decided to open up the Scribe technology to 3rd party developers, which means that we should see some pen powered apps in the future.  All this depending of course on the adoption rate that HTC is going to see with people actually buying the Flyer.

ReadWriteWeb did an interview with HTC PR Rep Keith Nowak, here is a quote from the article:

Even if you’re only casually following the developments in the tablet ecosystem, you’ve probably heard a little something about the HTC Flyer. It’s the tablet that works with a pen. Not a stylus, mind you, but apen. “A stylus is just a dead stick,” HTC PR guy Keith Nowak told me during a briefing today. A stylus is used for navigation, he explained, but you don’t need the pen to navigate the Flyer. In fact, you don’t use it to navigate at all. You draw. You write. You scribble. Well, only if you want to, that is. The pen is an optional accessory.

The new pen has a pressure-sensitive tip and can be used with the tablet’s built-in apps like Sketchbook and Notes, both of which offer the ability to draw directly on the tablet’s screen using pen-based input. But the really exciting thing about the pen? The technology, which HTC calls Scribe, will be opened up to third-party development.

I have to admit, that when I first heard about the fact that the Flyer has a pen, I was put out.  I felt like we were heading backwards in technology, since I had put my Palm Pilot to death years ago.  But after seeing this interview, and hearing that there can be development to make the pen relevant for more than stock apps, I have to say that I am intrigued.  I certainly want to get my hands on one to see how it all works together.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what kinds of app functionality that devs can build into their apps using the Scribe technology.  Let’s hope that we see some cool games and apps!

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  1. Liquidswords
    March 24, 15:54 Reply

    Has there been any mention, anywhere, about how much the pen is going to cost? Considering that it is an optional accessory, it obviously won’t be included with the tablet.

  2. B Juha3
    March 28, 21:09 Reply

    it will be included with the tablet, I think the post mentioned “optional” to say that You can use the Flyer without it. all videos/promos/etc said the pen will be included in the box.

  3. Brandi206
    August 15, 04:19 Reply

    The pen is selling for $79.99 at Sprint, but for a limited time they are giving it away for free when you but the HTC View 4G tablet.

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