Cobra iRadar for Android Announced at CTIA Wireless 2011

Cobra Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of radar detection devices for quite some time.  I remember my first Cobra radar detector when I got one for my 18th birthday.  Believe it or not, i still have the unit and it works 10 years later!  Granted i should upgrade it to a newer model to take advantage of the latest detection for all the new type of radar/laser “THE MAN” is using to punish those of us with the the “lead foot disease”.  I envision this time coming very soon, perhaps around April 4th, 2011 when Cobra releases their iRadar application for Android!!!!

I wont hold anything against them for being on that “other platform” first and making us wait so long to try it on our beloved Android devices.  I plan to embrace this new ability and quite frankly I’m looking forward to this April release date.  The application will be FREE to download via the Android Market as soon as its released.  Features of the iRadar system include:

  • A sleek, compact, dash-mounted detection unit, providing state-of-the-art radar and laser detection technology
  • Cobra’s exclusive AURA Camera & Driving Hazard Database, for up-to-the-minute speed and red light camera alerts, known speed traps and dangerous intersection alerts — all 100-percent verified and updated twice daily
  • Smartphone hardware technologies, including GPS, Bluetooth short-range data connectivity, 3G/4G data services, a brilliant LCD display for rich informational content, and more
  • A smartphone app (for Android and iPhone) for safety alerts, configuration, mapping software, compass heading, car battery status, and more
  • Cloud-based services with social media-like safety alert sharing.  Cobra iRadar users can now submit database updates and alert other iRadar customers in real time to upcoming threats based on their GPS location

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and accolades we’ve received for iRadar for iPhone from customers, journalists, trade associations and technology pundits, and we’re pleased to extend this powerful driver safety system to the Android smartphone community,” said Sally Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics.  “We’ve created a very flexible and dynamic platform for delivering in-car safety, peace-of-mind and protection to our customers.  We will continue to expand this platform, its capabilities, and our iRadar user community.”

Source: Cobra

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  1. Lex Lybrand
    March 26, 22:43 Reply

    So… this isn’t very clear. Are they releasing an app that will allow Android phones to act as laser/radar detectors or not?

  2. Boomer
    March 27, 12:54 Reply

    Very cool except in Virginia where possession (yes, possession, not just use) of a radar or laser detector is illegal and the fines are huge (think, lose your car).

  3. Anonymous
    March 28, 19:25 Reply

    This would be more interesting if Cobra’s radar detectors were any good.

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