Samsung Mesmerize Froyo Update Now Available


We just got a tweet from the official Samsung Twitter account, and it looks like it’s going to be good weekend for Mesmerize owners. That’s right, the Samsung Mesmerize is getting some Froyo love. Features for this update include:

  • Support for Flash Player 10.1
  • Improved overall performance
  • Addition of Google Quick Search Box and Google News and Weather
  • Improved Kernel
  • And much, much more

The only bad news here is that it’s not an OTA update, so a computer is required. But the process looks simple enough, so we don’t think anyone should run into major issues. Be sure to backup all of your contacts, pictures, music, etc. before performing this update. With that being said, all you Mesmerize owners can head here to get your hands on some Android 2.2 goodness. Has anyone installed the update yet? How is it? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. I went to the store and had them put it on my Mesmerize (just in case it messed it up then it would be on them). It has been on for two days now and works great, love it. I did back everything up but it the update did not even delete my apps or contacts.

  2. I have two issues with the froyo update. Please comment if you have them also. First, I now cannot change my notification ringtone. It now plays the default notification ringtone. It worked fine the first few hours after the update. When I go to attempt to change my notification ringtone it force closes. My custom ringtone for incoming calls still works fine. I’ve tried rebooting and removing the battery, with no success. Second, the pictures form my integrated Facebook contacts do not show up when they text me. They show up on my contact list but not when they text me. Should I try to reinstall? Any help would be much appreciated.

  3. my pictures from my facebook account will only show up in my contacts and dont show up when they text me or call me. is there a fix for this yet?

  4. The only problem I had with my phone before I updated it last week was that every once in a while I would get notifications saying I got a text from one person but once I opened it, it showed me that a completely different person actually texted me. I thought this upgrade would fix that, and I think it did, but now I have people saying they texted or called me and I never responded. One day the time on my phone was off and the date said it was Friday, December 31st of 1999!!! My battery seems to not last as long too! Not sure if this update was worth it, I think it did me more harm than good!

  5. My phone is running super slow since update. Everytime I go back to home screen, there’s a 10second delay before I can do anything. HELP!!!

  6. I just upgraded on June 14, 2011 and my phone is SUPER “glitchy”now.  I wish I hadn’t upgraded! Numerous problems!