Google Takes Another Step Towards Making NFC Payments a Reality

For those of us Android users that are looking forward to being able to literally do everything with our Android powered smart phones, Google has taken another step towards making that a reality by partnering with Mastercard and Citigroup to make NFC  payments a reality.

The Wall Street Journal reported about the partnership this morning, saying that Google has been working closely with two payment giants on both credit and debit options for Android users.  A quote from the article:

The Internet giant is aiming to make mobile payments easier in a bid to boost its advertising business. The planned payment system would allow Google to offer retailers more data about their customers and help them target ads and discount offers to mobile-device users near their stores, these people said. Google isn’t expected to get a cut of the transaction fees.

This is exciting news for sure, since it signals that Google is taking NFC seriously, meaning that we will probably see the fruits of their efforts soon.  We are getting closer and closer to the age where our smart phones are going to be used for literally everything!

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  1. Pete
    March 28, 14:54 Reply

    This sounds like a Trojan horse for consumers. When will we stop trading away our privacy for convenience?

  2. infoxicated
    March 28, 15:31 Reply

    Ray, you should mention that NFC stands for Near Field Communication in your article, like Scott did in the one you link to.

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