Adobe Mobile Connect Updated to Version 1.5

Adobe has released an updated version to their original Adobe Mobile Connect solution for Android with its main focus of this release is geared towards Android tablet optimization.  Adobe is trying hard to enhance the reliability and improve confidence that its users can in fact have meetings on-the-go.  The entire interface has been updated along with a few new features.  It seems the following screenshots show this new version working on a Motorola Xoom (top) and a Motorola Droid X (bottom).  If you are not familiar with Adobe Connect, there is a 30 day free trial available.

Two-way Video
• Participate in multi-point video conferencing and add your own upstream video broadcast to the conversation.

Meeting Overview and Focus View Options

• In Meeting Overview, watch all the activities happening in the meeting at once.
• Tap or navigate to focus in on any one meeting activity like the slide presentation or screen share.
• Focus on an activity to enter your input in Chat, Private Chat, and Polls.
• While in Focus View, instant notifications help you stay current with off-screen activities that may need your attention, like new or private chat messages. Tap to focus on new activities directly from these notifications.


The latest version is available on the Android Market.  Feel free to use the links below.


This application requires Adobe Air


Source: Adobe Connect Blog