So Long Beta! Firefox 4 Arrives Today

After what seemed like month/years of waiting, Firefox 4 has finally come to Android.  If this already sounds familiar to you, chances are good that you’ve seen the endless mentions of beta updates.  Well, all that stuff is over now and the real deal is here.  Features include tabbed browsing, thousands of customization options including add-ons, and seamless access to your passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history. Head to the Android Market and grab the full release of Firefox 4 and install the speedy browser alternative or hit the break to grab it from us! For more information on the release, swing over to the Mozilla blog.


  • Larry

    Meh. It’s still laggy and clunky. Moreover, it still does not support Flash! What’s more, unlike Opera, Dolphin, or Skyfire, it starts at boot and stays running in your system background. Firefox 4 for the Desktop is great, for mobile it has a long way to go just to match the Stock Browser.

  • Has to support Flash before I take it seriously. I have an Epic 4G, which Samsung (or Sprint, idk) has dragged their feet on releasing a working version of 2.2, so Flash support is extremely important to me.

    • I must mention, though, that it’s STILL better than an iPhone, since I at leat have a hope of running Flash in the future LOL

      • Opiate46

        It is really easy to root an Epic and throw a 2.2 ROM on there.

  • More like Alpha release……no where close to final…

  • Anonymous

    FF4 has been pretty awful. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Opera.