October 22, 2014

RUMOR: Google creating an iOS-like "Game Center" for Android?

Like all rumors, take this one with a grain of salt. The word is that Google is prepping a game-centric social network for Android. This rumor, first published by PocketGamer, says that the network will be superior to Apple’s Gamer Center for iOS in the sense that it will have all of its features (achievements, friends list, etc), and also add more features like peer messaging, message boards within games, and a total count of your achievement scores throughout all games. Droid Gamers added that they noticed a “GameClient” option (pictured above) in the Android App Inventor Beta that was stated as “Not ready for prime time.” Maybe this is connected? PocketGamer’s source said that the the network would be ready in late 2011 at the earliest.

As we approach Google I/O, we can hope that, if this rumor is true, we will see some official news on this game-centric network. But for now, Openfeint and Papaya will have to do.