Samung’s Droid Charge Has the Infamous Droid Red Eye

The Droid Charge (Stealth-V) had been spotted with the “Red Eye”. What does this mean? It means (not only is it close to a date launch announcment) that the Droid Charge will be another “Droid” branded phone for Verizon. Although, with no official word from Verizon, this is not 100% set in stone.  We spoke with Samsung at CTIA who advised that the Stealth name was never expected to go outside of the company and that we’d be hearing the real name in short order. Looking back a few months ago, the Droid Charge was announced at CES without a name.  Remember the “4G LTE Smart Phone“?  The Charge will sport a 4.3” screen, new Touch Wiz, and Android. Oh and did we mention a dual core 1 GHz processor and 4G LTE support? This phone is gonna be HOT! Hopefully we can see an announcement from Verizon confirming the “Droid” branding as well as dating and pricing for this phone. Are you happy with the “Droid” branding on this phone? My gut tells me that with the “Droid” branding there should be no Bing on the phone.  This makes me happy, you?

Source: PocketNow

  • Obvious

    Why all the Bing hate?

    • Jeanie

      No Bing hate. But I’d rather use what I want to use. It’s jut taking up memory, of which the Fascinate has very little. I’d like to be able to shut everything off. Killers are good, but apps have a way of coming back on anyway. I need to figure out how to root and maybe I can change some of this stuff.

  • Vanilla Ice

    Single core! Not Dual.

  • Steveeby

    Who cares. I’ve had my Samsung Fascinate for 7 months now with the promise of 2.2 Froyo.
    as everyone knows, we Fascinate owners still don’t have it!
    I’m done with anything Samsung has to offer, even my Samsung Blue-Ray is a piece of crap.

    • Doc

      I’m with you, Steveeby!

    • Anonymous

      God Save Verizon…
      Sadly American users…

  • Nory82688sn

    Its nice to see another phone company come out with their own droid, its just too bad its samsung because this thing will never see a gingerbread update lol

  • Anonymous

    definately not dual core that’s for sure…Nice try verizon AGAIN FALSE ADVERTISING…