Android Market In-App Billing is Launched

After rolling out testing of in-app billing to developers just last week, Google has announced that the new Market feature has been launched.

In-app billing has quite a few possible uses, from eliminating the need for separate trial and full versions of apps, to letting developers sell virtual goods and upgrades within apps. Developers will surely come up with lots of novel ways to make use of the new system.

One app already using in-app billing is the long-awaited Tap Tap Revenge. We’ve included links below to a couple other that have also already implemented in-app billing. Whether you’re a user or developer, let us know in the comments how you like the new functionality.




  • Anonymous

    I keep wondering how long it’ll be before somebody like PayPal sues Google on anti-trust grounds.

    Really, I can’t build a different payment system into my app? Can that restriction be legal?

  • Its finally here. Alright. Can’t wait to see some of the apps, that get it.

  • Android is the most powerful competitor to Apple. The market fight will bring users great profits.