CM7 for Nook Color gets Video Playback Fix and RC Status!


For those of you who have taken advantage of the fact that the Barnes and Noble Nook Color is Android powered and hackable, there is good news from the Cyanogen Mod team that has been working on CM7 for the device.  The latest nightly build has DSP/Video playback enabled, taking care of the audio lag on the device whilst watching video media.  After installing this build on my device, I can tell you that video works really well, with a great framerate.

CM team members Dalingrin and Fattire worked hard on the video issue, with the enabling of DSP as the result.  Both team members worked hard on the ROM in general as well, fixing numerous bugs from previous builds. Give those two a big thank you in the comments for their work.  Remember, they do this for free, this is a “hobby”.

The build is available now on the CyanogenMod download page, and as you will see when you download, has a release candidate tag attached naming it RC4.  Exciting news as the team continues to move towards a stable release for the unit.


  1. On my Nook Color CM7 RC4 is MUCH better than froyo that previously ran internally. With the 1.1GHz kernel and the new CyanogenMOD settings set to “1100/300 Ondemand” I’m getting a quadrant score of over 1700 (highest number I got was 1739)!!! Remember to disable SetCPU to take advantage of the CM7 speed.

  2. My Nook Color, never particularly good, has now shut down and will not restart. Is there anyone out there that can actually (and would consider, for a fee) working on it? B&N help and the so-wonderful staff of the local B&N aren’t helpful and the forum hasn’t an answer either. I’m not much of a techie and I hate the thought of tossing out this $250 paperweight.

  3. CM& just gets better and better and the status bar at the bottom is perfect. I just installed CM-7.02-signed and I am still not able to get youtube and videos to play. Am I missing a setting?

  4. I’ve been running CM7.03 for a while flawlessly.  All of a sudden, it refuses to boot, showing the droid with circling arrow for a few revolutions, then skating off, back on and repeating , continuing to try that way until I force off.  
    do I have to start all over with a new install or is there a fix?  I have tried reloading and recovery but after reload, it continues to do this.