CyanogenMod 7 RC4 Now Available for Download!

The one thing that I love about Android is the amazing development community behind it. We have developers of all kinds, working their fingers to the bone to bring us the latest and greatest software to our devices. The most notable of these is the CyanogenMod team. I myself am a long time CyanogenMod user, and I’ve always been satisfied with the stability and speed of CM ROMs. With that being said, the CyanogenMod team has announced that CM7 Release Candidate (RC) 4 is now available for download for all CM7-supported devices. They’re also telling us that this will most likely be the last RC before the final, stable version of CM7.

As Kmobs mentions in the blog post, the biggest changes that RC4 brings are mostly for the Nook Color, as our own Ray Walters covered just a few hours ago. So, what are you waiting for? Go download CM7.0.0RC4 from the CyanogenMod forums, via Rom Manager on your Android device, or via their mirror network, and get to flashing! A big thanks goes out to the CM team, and all Android developers. You guys are what drives Android to be so successful.



  • I was literally moments from installing RC3 (finally upgrading from RC1) on my 3G Slide when this came out. I saw this just in time to download and install RC4 instead. It’s working beautifully for the 30 minutes or so that I’ve had it and seems to be noticeably more responsive.

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  • Michael

    I sure wish they’d fix the call wonk before declaring it “RC” (or “stable” for that matter) …

    • Amen to that, I’ve been running nightlies on my N1 for a while now and I’m curious if RC4 coming just a couple days after RC3 will fix the wonk.

  • I used to run CM7RC2 and it was just fine. Though I have since discovered CoreDroid4.9 which is both beautiful AND it’s cut my battery usage by orders of magnitude. My Desire HD used to use about 30-40% battery overnight while I wasn’t even using it. Now it uses only about 8% running CoreDroid. I might try RC4 but unless the battery usage has improved, I’m sticking with CoreDroid.

  • Zjc336699
  • PhilipC

    On my Nook Color CM7 RC4 is MUCH better than froyo that previously ran internally. With the 1.1GHz kernel and the new CyanogenMOD settings set to “1100/300 Ondemand” I’m getting a quadrant score of over 1700 (highest number I got was 1739)!!! Remember to disable SetCPU to take advantage of the CM7 speed.

  • Rodneysbum

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