Verizon’s Spring Roadmap Leaked; April Full Of Androids

The guys over at Phandroid got their hands on some pretty great information for you Verizon customers.  It seems from their April roadmap, that Verizon is truly falling in love with Android.

As you can see from the picture, as early as the 7th of April, we’ll start seeing some new things coming out (please note, that as the roadmap says, these dates are subject to change). Throughout the month of April, Verizon customers can share in the Android love. In May, it’s an Android extravaganza with four 4G devices slated for release.

Sounds like some good stuff heading Verizon‘s way–doesn’t it?  Hopefully, we won’t run into issues that cause these dates to be pushed back. Either way, it seems that Verizon hasn’t forgotten about their top-selling platform, even with their latest addition to the Verizon family.

  • swehes

    impressive list

  • Sterling Udell

    “Latest addition”? Oh, you must mean the Thunderbolt.

  • Sterling Udell

    “Latest addition”? Oh, you must mean the Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    The LG Revo is the one that was shown as shipping with NETFLIX. I’m anxious to see that one.

  • Thunderbird232pc

    i thought the droidx2 was only going to be a 3g phone?