After More Than a Year of Waiting, SPB Shell 3D Arrives

More than a year after we first saw SPB demonstrate their Mobile Shell 5.0 for Android, we finally get to download it on our phones.  Renamed SPB Shell 3D, it looks and feels nearly identical to the video footage from last year’s Mobile World Congress debut.

The new home screen/launcher puts the user’s screens and widgets into a 3D space where they can then navigate them with a simple flick of the carousel.  As much as I loved what SPB did for my Windows Mobile devices of years gone by, Android is a sexier experience out of the box.  Were the price a tad lower than the $14.95 that SPB is asking, I suspect they might sell a few extra copies.  As it stands, it’s a perfect UI for anyone who doesn’t want to root their phone(s).  Further, SPB is hoping that an OEM or wireless carrier adopts the UI for upcoming devices.

Now, let’s get on top of that tablet UI, please.


  • I’ll wait until it appears as the free app of the day in the Amazon appstore. $14.50 and only 15 minutes to play with it before its refundability expires is just not enough time to play with a launcher.

    • Anonymous

      exactly! they are nuts, it looks great but 14.50 is asking alot for a launcher i dont care how great it looks. at the most it should be 8 dollars. I would also need to try it for a day before can finalize a purchase.

      • Gonzrick

        Agreed….give me a day or so to test this out…it’s not like in 15 minutes you are going to learn how to use every feature. And that price needs to come down. Where are torrents for Android apps when you need them!

    • Anonymous

      Amazon can also offer the try free for x days promotions. That means you can try out all the features of an app. For example touchdown is free from amazon for 90 days.
      Google just released in-app purchasing which means someone can offer a game for free with no ads and make money when people buy extra stuff (extra levels, more perks, etc). But that doesn’t work for apps like this.

  • I want to try it, but I don’t think 15 minutes is enough time to get a good idea. Provide a free trial that gives you say 30 days and I’ll give a whirl. It looks nice, and I’d pay $15 if it were worth it… but I need to see how it works in my daily environment, not just a quick skim of 15 minutes.

    • Anonymous

      A free trial on apps like this is entirely the right way to go. I guarantee that the free trial offered by PowerAmp has sold them plenty of copies. No way would I have shelled out the five or six bones for it had I not used it for two weeks and decided I couldn’t live without it.

  • Don’t buy it until there is a free trial or it’s half the cost at least!

    It’s been well past the 15 minutes to return! Between the purchase authorizing time, download time, install time and launch time, it was WELL past 15 minutes before I even got to look at it on my EVO.

    Even if I determine I like the product, I am giving it a single star ’cause I feel those who may buy it and not like it or it simply does not work well, will get ripped off due to the time it takes to even get to a launch state.

    Just based on that, I feel I got ripped off. I was going to try it in the 15 minutes, but got NO WHERE near even launching it before that time was close. 🙁 MAD My fault, but MAD!

    • Anonymous

      This is something that affects all apps and games that put some effort into them. Not every app will be as popular as angry birds with millions of downloads. Games with more depth than angry birds or apps that require good customer service (imagine a small company dealing with the issues of millions of people who got the app because it was for only $1) need to be able to charge money. But it is hard to charge money when there is no try before you buy. This is something Android market needs to work on.

  • GREAT! Now this comes along: “Try Apps Before You Buy in the Android Market”

  • But it doesnt have the sound effects that asian guy once promised while using it 😮

  • Myasin78

    I bought the SBP Shell 3D and it works perfect on my HTC EVO, the way this app run no need for 15 mints to try it, the app it open soon you done downloading, I did download it on my wife Epic but never opened and still I didn`t get charge for it, I did contact the customer service at SBP, but still going to be out there people like to complain anyway.. who need all day to try it don`t need to buy it

  • embor

    wat is the serial number