mSpot Responds to Amazon Cloud Player, Offers 5GB Free Storage to All

One of the bigger news stories for Android this week is the new Amazon Cloud service and mobile application.  Offering 5GB of free cloud-based storage for your music, pictures, and documents is terrific, right?  Amazon is surely breaking new ground right?  Well, actually there is another option that has been around for nearly a year now and it’s becoming quite popular.  With over 1.2 million downloads to date, mSpot’s cloud-based service has done well for itself, providing a similar, if not more expanded, music experience. And thanks to the new Amazon player, mSpot has reacted by offering 5GB of free storage to all of their users.  Further, they let users bump their storage up to 40GB at a rate of $3.99/month.

At $47.88 a year, it’s fairly comparable to the Amazon Cloud 50GB plan at $50/year, with payment spread out monthly.  However, for those of you with massive music libraries (who doesn’t?), the Amazon service gets up to 1TB, with incremental fees of course.  We definitely think mSpot is worth checking out, especially for folks who have basic needs.

Other mSpot features:

  • Instant access to music collections from mobile, tablet, PC/Mac® and Internet TV.
  • Smart syncing across devices: No USB cords required; instantly syncs music from the cloud to user’s mobile; avoids playback interruptions.
  • Automatically exports playlist, metadata, cover art, and more from iTunes.
  • Continuous playback, even during spotty cellular coverage.
  • Airplane mode: play cached songs on the phone without network connectivity.
  • “Live Lyrics”: read the words to select favorite songs as they play on mobile.
  • “Streaming only” option for users who want to save all the storage on their mobiles for other media.


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  • Anonymous

    Wow i would love to get this new mobile app is cool and useful.

  • Android-i9000

    And sugar sync? You have any tip of file like dropbox share it via link and they have an app thtat play music and share the files on folder you make…