Olympic Paints Debuts ColorClix App

More and more people are watching home improvement shows, and are better informed now on buying a home, selling a home, and above all, redecorating a home.  We can see homes from around the world, and we know what looks good.  More so now than ever, are people rushing to their local hardware store to grab some paint, and bring new life to the den that has been stuck in the 1970s.  Now, thanks to ColorClix, when we are walking down the street and see a colour on a blouse, or shop window that would look perfect in the upstairs bathroom, you can find that exact colour.  

Simply snap a photo with a mobile device, select any color displayed and match it to one of more than 1,200 Olympic Zero-VOC Interior and Dirtguard Exterior Paint colors for use at home. It also helps users select paint colors, order samples and find retail locations across the country.

“Our ColorClix app transforms how consumers take their daily color inspirations – colors in anything from furniture to a floral arrangement or an art pattern – and turn them into a design reality in their homes,” said Jennifer Dodson, Senior Marketing Manager, Olympic Paint. “The app brings an element of fun and spontaneity to the color process because anything can be an inspiration. By simply snapping a picture on a mobile device, homeowners can quickly find a matching shade of Olympic paint.” – press release

The ColorClix app from Olympic Paints allows consumers several options to match colors to any Olympic Interior and Exterior Paint color:

  • Grab a Color: Consumers snap a photo using their device’s camera or select an existing picture from their photo library and select the color they’d like to match.
  • Get Inspired: Users browse Olympic Paints’ designer collections, like the Audubon Collection, which highlight colors that nicely complement each other.
  • Have a Color in Mind: Perfect for those who know what color they like, but want to narrow down an exact shade. It’s easy to browse Olympic Paints’ most popular colors by color family.

It also syncs with your PC or MAC to virtually paint a room on your computer.  You can grab the app as a free download for your computer here, and you can get the app for free from the Market or by clicking below.



  • ShotEm

    Paul, seriously “when you see a colour on a blouse” A Blouse? Dude, I would definitely put you on my don’t go camping with this guy list.

    • Paul

      Hahaha. It just popped in my head. I don’t think I’ve actually audibly said the word “blouse,” but it’s what I typed. My apologies.

    • Paul

      Hahaha. It just popped in my head. I don’t think I’ve actually audibly said the word “blouse,” but it’s what I typed. My apologies.