If you remember, back in August, we did a review on SyncMate for Mac. Since then, they have made some amazing breakthroughs in their service.  As both an Android and a Mac user, I was eager to give this a shot, but honestly, it fell short back in August.  I never un-installed it, but also never used it, until I got a notice about an update being available for it.  I decided to give it another shot, and may I say, they have definitely come a long way.

SyncMate is designed to synchronize all your information among various devices.  It currently supports Mac, PC, Android, Windows Mobile, Google Accounts, Online Storage, Select Nokia Phones, and Flash Drives.

This is a great app.  You can now sync your info from your phone (including SMS) between your phone and your Mac with the USB cable, Bluetooth, or WiFi.  The screen will pop up and ask what you want to sync, and its interface is very user-friendly.  It is definitely worth checking out.  Head on over to Eltima’s site, and download it today, or via the Android Market or AppBrain using the box below!



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  1. Lynnsdaughter
    December 17, 00:06 Reply

    Seriously? I looked at this stuff, adn they don’t offer anything that drag and drop and Google can do for me, for free. It’s expensive, and doesn’t even sinc itunes playlists to android from mac.

  2. Mick
    March 28, 04:49 Reply

    Really? i will try it right now!

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