Tonight on AGTN!

After a week break, the AGTN team is back together to bring you some awesome interviews and Android related news and laughs tonight!  Here is what is in store:

  • Lookout Mobile will join us to talk about the recent goings on for their company, Stacie Nuss will be interviewing.
  • The lead developer from TuneIn will be with us to talk about their android app so we can gush about how awesome it is!
  • Drew Ianni from APPNATION will join us to give us the latest on the APPNATION Conference.
  • There will be a BBQ update, get excited!
  • We will be launching something very special tonight, you wont want to miss it!  (hint, it goes on yer head).
  • We will be talking about the AT&T/T-Mo merger, and whether or not it is good for the consumer.
  • The Amazon App store is making a run at Google, will they be successful?  Do you like Amazon as an app provider?

All of this and much more.  To watch the show you can tune in to Streamly.TV and check it out!  See you in 30 minutes!

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