CyanogenMod Rebranded as TehDuckUberDistro After Cyanogen Leaves Team

We just got word from one of our super secret sources* (Hi Benji!) who tipped us off to a new build for your rooted handsets.  It’s called TehDuckUberDistro and it only comes about because Cyanogen has decided to leave Android.  Wait?  The head guy behind the massively popular ROM is out?  Yeah, the irony of the timing couldn’t be worse, right?  Has to be an April Fool’s joke, doesn’t it?  Well, we recommend you check out the newly rebranded/re-logo’ and watch the video tour.  See for yourself!

*we follow his tweets.

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  • Lhcheung03

    im not getting fooled!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nooo! forrealz. watch the demo video of tehduck!

  • Stevecano

    April Fools! You got me laughing that’s for sure!!

  • Geathan A.

    Nice try

  • Tigerdactyl™ ✔

    I hate April 1st on the internet

  • Cristi

    He is the April fool as you can only play tricks until mid day.

  • Cristi

    He is the April fool as you can only play tricks until mid day.

  • techno-update

    I don’t know what to think. Joke or not. I hope it is a joke.

  • DergeZero

    i like the name, exept that cyanogen left the team. other than that i like it!

  • Mark Shryock

    It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it?

  • Technology News

    CyanogenMod is good for Android.

  • Androidguys

    Not funny. If you want to play April Fools you need to be a lot more creative than that. Amateurs!

  • Tom J

    wow, so thats the new name. CyanogenMod Rebranded as TehDuckUberDistro sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the news and great article. Cheers ya guys!

  • Aggourodolmas

    lol! nice!