Amazon App Store Having Minor Problems?

We’ve just gotten wind of an issue that Amazon is reportedly having with their Android app store. Wolfgang Philipps, an Android developer, noticed that he couldn’t access his app sales on the Amazon App Store. He kept getting a message that said “Orders and earnings information is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” Upon contacting Amazon about this issue, they had to following to say:

Thank you for your inquiry, we have been experiencing system difficulties. Access to Reports is now temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your patience while we enhance this utility.

No word on how long this issue will remain an issue, but Wolfgang is telling us that he’s been having this problem for nearly a week. Are there any other Android developers that can’t access their app sales? Let us know in the comments! More on this as it develops, and thanks again to Wolfgang for sending this in!

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  1. Tom
    April 05, 01:39 Reply

    hi, yes, the sales report have been offline for the last 5-6 days. Not very encouraging.

    • Gregg
      April 05, 02:23 Reply

      Same here. No idea what my sales numbers are, and no message from Amazon to developers to let us know what is going on.

  2. niko20
    April 05, 03:42 Reply

    Yep same here, just canned responses so far. *ugh*. Not even four days into the market, and the stats get taken down. This whole thing has been a pain in the ass from the start.

  3. Jmartin127
    April 05, 04:04 Reply

    I’m having the same issue. I also emailed Amazon and got the same canned response.

  4. Kenneth
    April 05, 04:49 Reply

    Same here, I just thought if it was my problem before. I know nothing about my earning for the whole week. At the same time, Android market developer console was very unstable since April Fool.

    However, Google has admitted their problem today finally: “Some developers reporting publisher site problems; we’re on it. Track it at “…

  5. Jeremy
    April 05, 05:31 Reply

    Didn’t you get the memo. They’re putting new coversheets on all the TPS reports before they go out now.

    • Jake
      April 05, 14:04 Reply

      I’m wearing my 37 pieces of flair.

  6. Aaarrggh
    April 05, 07:59 Reply

    Same here – same canned response.
    At first I thought that they had technical issues, but with this going on for more than a week, it begins to be more plausible that they are simply hiding the sales numbers from developers. Why would they do that ? I suspect that general Amazon app sales are low, and they want to avoid bad press until the numbers are higher

  7. Travis McCowan
    April 05, 08:29 Reply

    I got the same disappointing answer when I contacted Amazon..

  8. Stuart Gilbert
    April 05, 08:58 Reply

    I am having the same issue, and have been for about a week. I’m sort of regretting spending so long going through their application process, and I’m very glad that I haven’t paid to be listed.

  9. Dan
    April 05, 10:50 Reply

    Reports are back now.

  10. Larry
    April 05, 19:05 Reply

    The minute Angry Birds Rio came out on the Android market I dropped the Amazon appstore like a disease and will never go back.

    I’ll put up with ads before I put up with Amazon’s appstore.

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