October 22, 2014

Google Maps Updated, Brings New Features

Google has been pushing out updates to the Android Google Maps app quite frequently as of late, and today is no different. Google Maps has been updated, and it’s got a few new features in tow. Users can now:

  • See their location history from within the app, a feature that was previously missing
  • Set a certain location as “Home” and check in there
  • Give custom aspects of a place, like “great music” or “try the burritos”, instead of only choosing from a predefined list

Google is really trying to step it up with this update, but I still have a feeling that it won’t hold a candle to services like Foursquare or Gowalla. Does anyone use Google Latitude to check in? What do you think about Google’s attempt to compete with other location-based services? Sound off in the comments, and if you haven’t updated Google Maps for your Android device, you can do so by using the box below!