Simple But Effective ‘Unlock With WiFi’ App Toggles Security Settings


Here’s one of those ideas that has us asking, “Why didn’t we think of this ourselves?” A free application called Unlock With WiFi has been spotted which lets users bypass their security lock screen based on the Wi-Fi connection.  In short, you don’t have to enter a password when you are connected to your home Wi-Fi setup.  Leave the house?  The lock screen returns!  Users are able to allow for safe zones or trusted areas where the phone or tablet is not likely to fall into evil hands.  Further, there are a few other options such as automatically turning off GPS once connected to your Wi-Fi spot(s) as well as turning it on when leaving.

The app is currently in a fully functional beta release until April 15th where it will then end up in the Android Market.  Head to XDA-developers (registration required) to read up and download the app for yourself.


  1. I would like something that automatically turns Bluetooth off when I’m within range of my home or work WiFi, and automatically turn Bluetooth back on when I’m traveling. I’d also like the same thing for my mobile network.