Sony Ericsson Begins New Xperia Play Ad Campaign [VIDEO]

Now that the PlayStation Phone has landed in a number of markets, Sony Ericsson needs to generate interest and get people excited over the phone/gaming device hybrid.  And, no, we’re not talking about freaking people out with Androids with human thumbs.  Thusly, the company has begun rolling out a pair of new advertisements for the Xperia Play.  These first two ads have surfaced on YouTube although we don’t know where these are being aired nor how heavily.  So far we like the approach as it showcases both games and the phone side.  Wonder if we’ll end up with these in the United States or if we’ll get Kristen Schaal ads instead.  We’re cool either way.

Respect knuckles to AndroidMixer for the heads up.




  • So where is the video….

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  • Mistry_amrish

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