Beta Test This: Fring with Group Video Chat [VIDEO]

Fring, Android’s first video chat app, is back with another first: group video chat, which splits your screen into quadrants so you can video chat with up to three friends at the same time. Even better– the feature is free.

Group chat hasn’t hit the release version of Fring yet; for now it’s in private testing. Hit the break to see it in action and find out how to get in on the beta group.





(Not sure what Android phone that is they’re using in the video. Not a handset I’m familiar with.)

If you (and a group of friends) can hang with possible bugginess during testing, are willing to provide the team at Fring with some feedback, and have phones that can support video calling, fill out this form to request an invitation.

More info is available from Fring’s blog.

  • I’d love to try it out and perhaps I’ll have to find a copy from another channel. To sign up for the beta you have to supply not only your UDID or IMEI but you are REQUIRED to supply them for 3 of your friends. Seriously? I’m not going to call all my friends and make them give me that info…..what a joke.

    • Well, you understand that having it will do little good if you don’t have friends that also have it, right?

      The form says “up to three friends,” so I think yr probably safe filling in “none” for some of those fields.

      • I do realize I’d need others to use it….and I would tell my friends to go get it and sign up. But having to supply all that info is too much.