Galaxy S II Delayed a Bit to Allow for Hardware Improvements

Samsung’s new flagship handset line, the Galaxy S II, is said to be getting a hardware bump ahead of its launch. Announced with a dual-core 1GHz processor, it’s being reported that the company is ratcheting things up a bit to a 1.2GHz chipset. This puts it more in line with the recent Motorola (Atrix, Bionic) and HTC (EVO 3D) products. According to a source close to GSM Arena, the phone might not hit carriers until May or June as a result of the hardware adjustment. We’re not aware of too many people who would complain over the slight delay because of performance improvements.

  • Keith

    You can always delay a product for a new improvement and if you keep doing this it will be old before it is even released. I for one will probably look at another product now so well done Samsung, lost 1 customer

    • Pcole

      I have had the GS2, for two weeks now, and I can tell you it is amazing.
      I had a GS1 before, but this is a really fantastic phone. If your gonna be getting a contract, you need to be satisfied for a period of time. This device will do much more than that.

      Dont miss out, enjoy everything that you need your phone to do.

  • Anonymous

    I do not mind if this is released a little later as long as it is before Verizon goes to tiered 4G pricing scheme. If you are willing to take that chance go for it, if not then you may have to grab whatever is available.

  • Johnsondon37

    g2x for me, i could careless if it were released tommorow