Google Removes Grooveshark Music App from Android Market

Google pulled the Grooveshark Music app from the Android Market yesterday, citing a violation of terms of service. As to what specifically Grooveshark was doing that got them removed is unclear. While neither Google nor Grooveshark are saying very much on the matter, speculation is that it could be pressure from the music industry. Perhaps coincidentally, Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker, is slated to testify before the House Judiciary committee today on a case about sites which purportedly traffic pirated and/or counterfeited goods. For the uninitiated, Grooveshark offers free music streaming by letting its users post their own files. The music service has seen its fair share of lawsuits, most recently with EMI and Universal Music Group.


  • Its sad and Google shud not remove apps in this way. But what about the people who have already installed it?


    • Then it’s yours, better back it up to SD. But don’t expect any updates.

      • Joffeejofer

        can u really save files from grooveshark to an sd? if so please tell me how

        • Anonymous

          I think the post meant to backup the app, not the music. Still, if the app got pulled by Google, how long will the site remain up before others get a cease and desist.

          • Fike

            Grooveshark won’t close if thats what you were trying to say. Google take it off, so what? The real reason is (like Apple), they want to eliminate the competition. If you havent heard, Google are launching a new music service (idk when). If they cared about piracy and getting themselves into shit, they would have pulled Grooveshark ages ago.

      • Joffeejofer

        can u really save files from grooveshark to an sd? if so please tell me how

  • scdaddyo

    Scott needs to do his homework before writing this crap. Grooveshark does not let you post your own files. It just streams music.

    • Uh, yeah. Grooveshark runs on user uploads. Scott isn’t the one that needs to do homework. This unrestricted sharing is the reason so many corporate types hate it so much and the crux of most of the civil action against it.

    • Fike

      I wonder what that shiny upload button is, hmm?

      Stop criticising people when you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Grooveshark relies on user uploads or labels/artists to upload music.

  • They removed the n64 emulator too

  • Nassergamez

    I think this doesnt have so much to do with grooveshark as it does with other apps like “music online”

  • Canoro

    why dont google stand by its principles and shut down youtube also?

    • Alex

      Google owes Youtube