Haptify Releases Enzo’s Pinball with Full Tactile Feedback

Haptify has announced today that their first Android game, Enzo’s Pinball, is now available in the Android Market. Touted as the “first virtual pinball title ever to include full-fledged tactile feedback”, the game lets users choose between three completely unique pinball tables. Enzo’s Pinball is also part of the OpenFeint network of games meaning it lets players compete against other Android and iOS competitors with leaderboards and unlockable achievements. We spent a few minutes playing with this on the XOOM and found it to be a rather enjoyable experience.

The three pinball tables and their features:

  • Clockwork Table: avoid getting wound up by an intricate clockwork mechanism dating back to the 18th century and learn the secret of the clockwork pinball
  • Steam-Powered Table: stay cool under pressure and navigate a high-voltage playing field to unlock the true nature of the steampunk pinball
  • DJ Table: listen to the dark secrets of the record pinball

Enzo’s Pinball costs $1.49 and works on all Android devices running 1.5 or higher.

“Enzo’s Pinball is an ideal choice for our first title, because it really showcases the subtle-yet-significant power of haptics in gaming,” said Craig Vachon, Haptify Lead. “When you play pinball in real life, you use a combination of sight, sound and touch to interact with the machine. Cutting that down to two senses, as most pinball titles do by necessity, just doesn’t provide the same level of involvement. I am positive that players won’t look at other pinball titles the same way after they’ve experienced Enzo’s Pinball with haptics.”


  • 304jfce

    I just downloaded it and then got my refund. It’s just plain boring. On the steam level the ball went right through the left flipped 3 times and the right floor barely moved. On the clock level they have a clock right by the left flipped and if you hit the ball with the flipped and it hits that lil clock, it shoots the ball right in between the flippers. Thank god I got my money back

  • Who Me?

    It would be interesting to try, but the table design looks really bad.

  • Pinball Deluxe has decent haptic feedback already; interested to see if these guys are doing something more.

  • Great review – very helpful