Sony Xperia Play System Dump

Thanks to the folks over at XDA Developers, who posted a link to the “soon to be released” Sony Xperia Play. In this dump you can find everything from ringtones to wallpapers, notifications, boot animations, and more. Also, thanks to DroidLife, who posted some links to download specific parts of the dump. After DroidLife took a look into this system dump, they mentioned that the dump does not appear to be for a Verizon Wireless phone.

Download the pieces below.

Ringtones, Notifications, and AlarmsWallpapersBoot AnimationFull System Dump

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  • Does this have the PS suite app in it somehwere?

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  • alan

    whare do i put the xpedia play dump
    i am new to this

  • Weeugene

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