Run Android Apps in Windows with BlueStacks

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite Android games on your computer? Well, BlueStacks is the answer! With this new software for Windows, you can do just that.

What’s awesome about BlueStacks is there is no need to reboot into Android, you simply open the Android app alongside whatever you’re doing on your computer. The software is not available (yet), but it should be launching soon.

BlueStacks leaves many questions in its wake. Will the apps run at full speed? How will you work accelerometer apps? The list goes on and on. Also, if you have ever used the Android SDK’s emulator to run Android apps, you would know how slow it is and how much it lags. All we can do is wait for a final release and hope that we can start enjoying our Android applications on our Windows computers.

Source: BlueStacks via Ubergizmo

  • Anonymous

    I’d hope they’ve ported the Dalvik VM to run natively on Windows – this means android apps should run very smoothly. The Emulator in the SDK is running the Arm version of Dalvik on an emulated CPU, which is why it’s so slow.

  • Finally !

  • Olitos

    This is great for developers, it can be used instead of the emulator

  • Looking forward to use this app.