Stream Your Television to Your Android Device With Vulkano Flow

Monsoon Multimedia is now offering their Vulkano Flow mobile accessory, which allows for users to watch TV anywhere, even on their Android devices. Once the Flow is hooked directly to a set-top box, subscribers can then stream television to your phone or tablet, inside the house or on the go. The actual accessory runs $99 and is available at various outlets (Amazon, TigerDirect, etc) as well as direct from Monsoon at  Looking through the product details page, it sounds like the Flow should be simple to set up and enjoy.

We like the idea that both the Flow and its mobile application come in with lower price points than what Slingbox currently offers.  And really, it fits in well with the whole Android is about choice mentality.  

Summary of Vulkano Flow Features:

  • Place shift television programming and view on smartphones, Android tablets, iPads, PCs and Macs
  • Pause, fast-forward or rewind live TV
  • Browse EPG for shows and episode descriptions
  • Mark channels as Favorite for quick access
  • Watch and control your live TV on the go via Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Connect to all major TV sources – cable, DVD, satellite, DVR, TiVo
  • Stream video at H.264 standards at rates as low as 150kbps
  • Connects wirelessly through Vulkano’s on board .11n WiFi to home router
  • TV content is passed from the set-top box’s analog output (component, composite) to Vulkano; using resolutions up to 1080i

The Vulkano Player application is available through the Android Market where has a one-time $12.99 cost. The Flow comes with PC and Mac player software should you opt to simply watch television on your computer or laptop.

  • Can you hook this device up to a home network that requires static IP addresses? The Roku won’t, and I had to return it for that reason.

    • Havanot

      With Hava (the predecessor) you could. A pain in the arse but you could. I can’t speak for Vulkano.

      But I can say that the app has problems with Android devices from Tmo and possibly ATT. Something to do with the rtsp proxy settings. There is a work around for CDMA devices but I haven’t seen a solution for GSMs. So make sure it works for you before you jump into Monsoon’s ship. They have a history of not fixing problems until you have lost your patience and tell them to sit on it.

  • Anonymous

    I will keep an eye on this. I currently love my Slingbox and feel it’s worth every penny. Competition is only a good thing.

    • James J

      Agreeable. It’s great technology. I use the sling adapter with my DISH Network employee account. I’m also able to manage and schedule recordings using my android with the Remote Access app. Does this new product have such an ability?  

  • HOW MUCH is the SUBSCRIPTION cost???