Kid Mode for your Tablet and Smartphone

In a recent press release, Zoodles announced a new services for Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones. This service is called Kid Mode, Kid Mode is an application that turns your device into a kid friendly hub. This provides kid friendly games and other applications reaching the 8 years and below age group. Kid Mode for Android tablets will include the following features:

  • In App Locking- You can set Kid Mode to lock use of the “home” button on your device.
  • Parental Control- Parents can set filers on all the content that is displayed through Kid Mode.
  • Video Mail- With Kid Mode, you can (after allowing this function) send your children videos from your webcam and they can respond through the devices front facing camera.
  • Recordable Bedtime Stories- You can record your voice telling a story and have your child play it back as if you were there reading to them.

“We are now the fastest-growing company in the under-8 market, and in just the last 90 days we have doubled the number of children using Kid Mode” – Zoodles CEO and co-founder Mark Williamsons.

Zoodles seems to have hit the nail on the head with this application. Kid Mode has won many awards already such as, NAPPA Gold – Family Resources, Gold Award and many others. Now, I would feel comfortable know there is a content safe application for my child but I would not feel safe about leaving a $500+ device unattended with a child. Thats just my opinion, leave us yours below!

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