Software Update For Verizon Galaxy Tab Now Available

The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are known as some of the best Android tablets available in the market right now. Samsung announced two new models of the Galaxy Tab at MWC, but that doesn’t mean the original has been forgotten. Verizon Wireless has officially launched a new software update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is known as EC02. The software update will make your Galaxy Tab experience even better. Have a look what the software update will bring:

  • Enhanced browser performance and speed
  • Searching for Wi-Fi hotspots no longer negatively affects battery life
  • Access hyperlinks directly within email messages
  • Time displayed on the status bar will accurately reflect when the latest email was received
  • Easily manage and download 2000-2003 Word documents attached to email messages.
  • Send multiple name cards with the “Select All” feature.
  • Successfully open 5MB video attachments from email messages.
  • Font size change in email remains when replying to messages.
  • When using the alarm feature, the second alarm will still sound even if the first alarm is snoozed.
  • Fixed Time Zone calendar setting ensures calendar events are accurate, regardless of the time zone you are currently in.
  • Adobe®Flash® player version has been updated to version

So that’s what you will get with the new software update. If you have a Tab and want the update, then head over to this page and follow the instructions. If you’re already running it, then tell us about your experience with it.

  • Time displayed on the status bar will accurately reflect when the latest email was received.

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    Here’s an idea how bout just giving us all 2.3 even better how bout honey comb