VZW to drop 1 yr contracts?

Word around the net is indicating that Big Red, aka Verizon Wireless, will be dropping their 1 yr customer agreements beginning April 17, 2011.  Including those who are “employee liable end users” (ELEU), any business customers without an ECPD profile and the “grandfathered” Alltel Lifetime customers.

This policy change applies to all transactions, plan types, and device types. Customers should continue to be informed of all VZW service options available to them, such as Prepay, Month to Month, and 2 year CAs.

Verizon’s statement on the policy is as follows:

We are going to eliminate the 1 yr contract plan on April 17. The greater majority of customers sign up for a 2 year contract and take advantage of the discounted (promotion) price so the change is in keeping with the current buying habits of our customers. Customers will still have the option of choosing month to month, prepaid or service with a two year contract.Customers with existing 1 yr contracts are not impacted by this change.”  This kind of puts the end to us folks who like to upgrade to the newest phones at a subsidized price.  After the NE2 change, this would have to make some wonder what’s next.

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  1. Longhairbilly
    April 08, 19:46 Reply

    This makes perfect sense. I pay $75 more for a one year plan. So let’s do some math. Would Verizon make more money with me signing a two year contact for $200 or giving them $275 EVERY year?

    • wolfie
      April 08, 20:32 Reply

      Say what? I do not follow fuzzy math. :)-

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