CyanogenMod 7 Released

The release version of CyanogenMod 7, the Gingerbread-based version of the popular custom ROM available for more than two dozen devices, is available tonight, after iterating through four release candidates over the past couple of months.

CM7 is already available in ROM Manager, endorsed by Cyanogen as “the best way to install CM7.” It’s also available for manual download if you prefer to take matters into your own hands. According to an announcement by Cyanogen on the CyanogenMod blog, a few features from Froyo-based CM6 have not yet been implemented in this version, but they are on track to be included with 7.1.

If you use CM and appreciate the work of this community of developers,  consider donating to the cause.

As always, remember that if you’ve rooted your phone, you’ve voided your warranty; be sure you know what you’re doing, get help if you need it, and know that it is possible to brick your phone if something goes wrong.

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  1. linuxfreak
    April 11, 12:00 Reply

    CM7 is the way to go, been on my N1 and now Phiremods build on CM7 on my Nook Color. Forget the ota’s and stock roms and just do it. Or get someone that can and make your device rock.

  2. Mark
    April 12, 00:52 Reply

    Installed CM7 this afternoon on my Nook Color. It’s working great.

  3. Bones X
    April 12, 04:42 Reply

    Rocking the CM7 on my Eris! End of Life… Pfft whatever.

  4. Sar2u
    May 14, 07:28 Reply

     no market  …. no easy contact search………..

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