INQ Launches the Cloud Touch Facebook Handset

Engadget is reporting today that INQ has launched the Cloud Touch handset in the UK, firing the first shot in what is sure to be the “Facebook Phone Wars”. While HTC is preparing to release two handsets that have dedicated Facebook buttons this summer, INQ decided to beat the “quietly brilliant” company to the punch.  The INQ Cloud Touch is an entry level handset, powered by Android Froyo and a 800 MHz processor.  A quote from the Engadget article:

We were quick to Like the entry-level handset when we handled it back in February; the Froyo-powered device features an 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, 5 megapixel sensor, and a custom Android homescreen that fully integrates the Facebook experience into the OS. While the specs may not be enough to make the Android enthusiast salivate, the price will almost definitely cause status-obsessed tweens to commence drooling.

I think Engadget has hit it right on the end on who INQ is trying to reach with this handset, as really will everyone who is releasing a Facebook dedicated handset. The Cloud Touchis going to retail at about $485 US, if you were to buy it from overseas.  More info on the Facebook Phone War as it rolls out.