Verizon Droid Incredible 2 Press Shots Leaked

HTC announced some new devices at the Mobile World Congress this year, of which the Incredible S looked to be the most promising device. We know that the Incredible S will hit Verizon as the Droid Incredible 2 and we also saw some spy shots of the phone with Verizon branding, making us wonder if a launch was imminent . Now it looks like the launch time could be near because our friends over at PocketNow got their hands on some press shots of the device. The phone is not officially announced yet, but it looks like Big Red will announce it later this month as we heard that it’s coming out on April 28th.  The Incredible 2 is just like the Incredible S, only there will be some minor changes in the software i.e. Verizon applications.

When the Droid Incredible was launched, it was considered as the best Android device available at Verizon, so I hope that Incredible 2 will make its predecessor proud. So who’s planning to get the new Droid, anyone?

Source: PocketNow

  • This will probably be the wifes next phone, hopefully i wont steal it and give her my Tbolt cuz who doesnt like a new phone:)

  • Jesse p

    This is certainly going to be my next phone. As long as it comes with the same specs/ capabilities as the incredible s. Primarily the slcd screen. To have a good phone. You need a good screen. Also if they leave the same camera as the incredible s I’m completely sold. I love the touch to focus. And the extensive adjustments that can be made. A tried and try phone is the most beneficial for me. As I don’t care much for the latest technological advancements. I’m a bigger fan of a device that I know will function well. The 1ghz is more than enough especially with a generous amount of ram/rom. Plus 3G has been around long enough to be a stable, fast service. So I don’t need a 4g device. Not too mention a 4.3 inch screen is somewhat overbarring. So a 4 inch should do just fine. And all above mentioned specs with help with one of the most important aspects for me, battery life. Now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting with Verizon until I can pick one up.