Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Intercept to Receive Froyo in the Coming Weeks


Virgin Mobile is one of the largest pre-paid networks in the USA. They are offering a few Android powered devices, and the Samsung Intercept is one of them. The Virgin Mobile version of the Intercept is the same that has been released on Sprint, but with one glaring difference, the Sprint version has already been updated to 2.2.  There was word back in January that Virgin Mobile will launch Android 2.2 for Intercept in few months, and it looks like the time is here. Virgin Mobile has officially announced that Samsung Intercept will receive Android 2.2 Froyo in the coming weeks. The update will give users:

  • Exchange Active Sync updates
  • ability to install applications to external memory card
  • improved Bluetooth device support
  • Bluetooth Voice dialing
  • improved operating system performance
  • dedicated phone, application and browser icons on every home screen

So Virgin Intercept owners, start loving your phone again because you will be receiving a nice gift from Virgin soon!

Source: Android Central


  1. I am a Virgin Mobile customer with the Intercept and they sent me a text message saying it will be available today…i have yet to see the update.

  2. I got one also. When I clicked the link provided in the text message, it said the updates will START 4/11/2011, but that “I would be receiving a prompt over the next few weeks”. In other words, not everyone is going to get the prompt to update at the same time. But it is in motion. Patience, kiddies. Patience. 😉

    • I got the update yesterday. Works great. The phone finally functions again and doesn’t hang up every waking minute. Seamless installation as well. The update with the appropriate platform for the 800 mhz processor has increased the speed of the OS on the phone as well. Much better. great improvement.

  3. Yes I got the text too and was expecting the update prompt today but when I read it again I realized that we will be getting the prompt “sometime” in the next couple weeks. I am excited to get it because my phone seems to be real sluggish. will this help it? I am new to the android world!

  4. wth is my update virgin mobile?waiting waiting and waiting.sorry excuse for a company and extremely slow in given out updates.shame