CyanogenMod Statistics are Quite Impressive with Over 100K Registered Devices

Sunday, April 10th marked the day of the Stable release of CyanogenMod v7.0.0.  This release has made a huge  splash in the Android community already.  According to the CyanogenMod statistics page there are over 100k unique installs across the many devices supported by CM7.  The HTC Desire is #1 on the list with over 16k registered handsets, followed by the HTC EVO 4G with over 13k registered.

The Barnes & Noble nookCOLOR (codename Encore) is one that really jumps out.  A device that started out as an E-Book Reader with a few toys like a web browser and access to Pandora.  It has become one of the most popular, inexpensive Android Tablets on the market thanks to the CyanogenMod crew and TeamDouche.  With just over 3k devices reporting, its obvious the amount of potential for this device.  Full Android Market access, an awesome home launcher in ADW and working Bluetooth are some of the amazing features that are opened up by flashing CM7 to the nookCOLOR.

Take a second to review some of these statistics, which continue to rise at an impressive rate.

These numbers will be long outdated by the time this article is published, which might give you an idea how fast the numbers are climbing!  I know personally, I would still be doing the ROM dance if it weren’t for CyanogenMod.  Bouncing around from ROM to ROM trying to find one that suits me and has everything I need.  Waiting on OTA’s from the carrier is for the birds, while being on the latest and greatest Android has to offer = PRICELESS.

We cannot thank this group of developers enough.  These numbers show how large their footprint is, and for good reason.  We can all tweet and blog how much we love what these guys do for us, but why not make a donation to assure the CyanogenMod team knows how much we appreciate their hard work. Whether small or large, donating to the cause by writing code (to improve the project) or dealing some of your hard earned cash via this PayPal link, will have a tremendous effect on future progress!

To view the full page of statistics click HERE

To view a realtime counter of registrations click HERE

For download links click HERE

For more information regarding CyanogenMod click HERE

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  1. techno-update
    April 12, 19:01 Reply

    They should not be suprised. CyanogenMod rocks, just like Android.

  2. corwin1681
    April 12, 20:02 Reply

    I was thinking… How come cyanogenmod already has 2.3 out for 30 devices, and big companies like Samsung (yes, especially samsung!), Dell, LG, Motorola and HTC (I have to say that HTC has been releasing updates better then the rest of the companies) take forever to upgrade the few devices that they do have??? They should all collectively pay money to Cyanogen, and adopt CyanogenMod as the official UI instead of the retarded TouchWiz, Motoblur and the rest of them.

    The only thing better then pure android interface is Cyanogen’s interface! :)

    • drdrewdown
      April 12, 21:08 Reply

      i love your take on it, but i dont want to imagine the openness we have grown to love, be destroyed by corporations. thx for the comment!

    • drdrewdown
      April 12, 21:10 Reply

      basically when a dev or group of devs outside the CyanogenMod team, use the CM7 source to create a ROM for their specific device.. basically a release not supported by CyanogenMod but using their code.

  3. Kman122090
    April 12, 23:18 Reply

    I hit-up the pay link and it said Chemlab multimedia?
    I think Cyanogenmmod has a pay link on their site

    • staciedaisy
      April 13, 02:57 Reply

      as long as it says shade @ chemlab…. you are good!

  4. JeffLeet
    April 13, 14:58 Reply

    I was about ready to set my EVO on fire and then a friend of mine and I installed this and I’m in love with Android now. I can’t thank these guys enough.

  5. Ken Pauley
    April 14, 16:16 Reply

    CM is the true spirit of the android platform.

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