LG Thrive Tapped as First Smart Phone for GoPhone Service

AT&T announced their first smart phone for their pre-paid GoPhone customers today in the LG Thrive.  Powered by Android 2.2, the Thrive features a 3.2-inch touch screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and a 600MHz processor.  Other details include 160MB memory w/ microSD expansion storage (up to 32GB), and support for Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

The quad-band GSM / Tri-band 3G (world capable) smart phone isn’t exactly the powerhouse that many of our readers looking for, but it’s a perfect entry point for people looking to avoid long term commitments. The Thrive goes on sale April 17th with a $179.99 price tag and can be paired up with one of three data options.

  • $25 for 500MB/month NEW
  • $5 for 10MB/month
  • $15 for 100MB
  • I thought AT+T has been offering the Iphone 3GS as a Go Phone. I’ve seen ads on billboards around town for a few weeks.

  • Virgin still smacks this down with the LG Optimus V at $25/mo for unlimited text, web/data and 300-min voice. Nice to see AT&T kind of coming around for those of us who don’t want a contract. I’m still shocked at how much I’m enjoying my Optimus V and haven’t hit any dead spots using the Sprint network.

    Thanks Virign for being ahead of the curve on prepaid! 🙂