Pieces of Honeycomb Hit AOSP Repository

It has been found, and confirmed, that the GPL and LGPL components of Android 3.0 Honeycomb are available in the Android Open Source Project repository.  Al Sutton was recently digging through the manifests where he found references to Renderscript as well as a few new build options.  As some of you know, Renderscript did not come about until 3.0 made its debut.

Shortly after posting his findings online, Jean-Baptiste Queru advised that he was behind the Honeycomb stuff, integrating it late last week.  Further, he added that what Sutton was looking at is “just a current snapshot of master, in case incompatibilities develop over time”.  Down the road, the Android team can “come back to a point where the honeycomb bits can still be built, regardless of the way master changes.” What might cause things to get goofy?  It’s possible that the master branch might evolve to a point where it becomes with incompatible GPL and LGPL components.  Think of this more in terms of a “save your progress” so that the team can work from a restore point.