My Time with iGloLED Lights


Some of you guys might recall us mentioning the iGloLEDset light strip which can be controlled via an Android app from a few weeks back. At the time, we were reporting it from an outsider perspective, going solely off of the press release and official announcements.  Cut to today and my having a chance to play with one for a couple of weeks.  Is it as cool as advertised?  You bet it is.

The model I have been using is a 16′ (120 lights) version however there is a 50′ (360 lights) option to choose from.  I had no idea just how long 16 feet would translate to a set of lights but suffice it to say, it wraps the office walls quite nicely.  Taking them out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the easy setup and plug/play to get things going.  Plug them in, turn them on and watch them work!

The lights work without the need for an application and can be controlled, or toggled, using a little button that connects to the light strip.  However, this really does not do the light strip any justice at all.  The app is really where it’s at as there are tons of options and settings to create the best lighting effects.  We tried both the Android and the iPhone app on these particular lights to make sure they worked and found both performed as expected.  Dragging the finger across the screen of your phone changes the way in which the lights operate (color, flash sequence, speed).  There are a handful of spots where one can store their own settings and return to them at a later date.  Should the mood strike you, the lights can go from a red and white striping effect to a cool, solid blue hue with the press of a button.  Then of course there are those dozens of presets that are fun to mess around with.


The lights never stay in place very long at my house as we’re constantly finding new ways to place them and light up a room.  Hiding them under the railing of stairs looks fantastic as it glows against the wall and changes per your mood or presets.  We’ve also put them around the edges of our large windows, wrapped around poles, and under the kitchen counter-tops.  Thanks to the light weight and easy rolling, the light set has traveled with us to more than one friend’s house for a get-together or party.

Unfortunately, the $299 price might scare off the casual or curious fan.  As much as I enjoy these lights, I don’t know many folks that would add these to their home or office at that price.  On the other hand, I could imagine there is a large audience of car and motorcycle enthusiasts who would be all over these.  The same for people looking to spice up a new or custom-built home.  Bowling alleys, cafes, and barber shops would up their cool factor by bringing these in as part of the decor.  If you own a frat house, you owe it to your brothers to buy a set or two of these!  There are plenty of people out there who would not bat an eye at this price.  You can check out additional videos below to see a other examples of use cases including in the home and car.





  1. iPhone and iPod apps are free, but the Android app is $2.99? I know for a $300 product it isn’t a big deal but that’s still pretty irritating…

  2. iPhone and iPod apps are free, but the Android app is $2.99? I know for a $300 product it isn’t a big deal but that’s still pretty irritating…