Beta Test This: Nearparent

Nearparent Ltd. is looking for beta testers for their Nearparent application for Android handsets. The free application works on devices running 2.1 or higher and can be downloaded from the Android Market immediately. The aim of Nearparent is to help parents and children live a more care-free lifestyle, loosening the apron strings in the process.

In a nutshell, the child user(s) will occasionally check in on the app to let their parents and loved ones know they are okay. Should the child forget their bus ticket or lose their house key somewhere, they can tap the yellow indicator light to notify their parents that they need assistance. If the situation were a little more pressing, they can tap the red button for an urgent notification and let mom or dad know they need to immediate help.

Parents can also help create a trusted group of helpers, adding friends and other relatives to the party. This way the child and parent has peace of mind knowing that others are able to help in the event of an emergency. It takes a village, ya know?  Be sure to read up on the Nearparent website for more details and FAQs.


  • Fail Why would I buy my kid an expensive smart phone with data plan in the first place?

    They’ll get an Android when they can afford it on their own. By then, chances are, they won’t be needing this app.

    • CaseyB

      There are Android devices at several price ranges and if ensuring the well-being of your children isn’t worth the extra few dollars a month for a data plan then…

      • Paulcom

        Your logic is flawed. Why spend a “few” extra dollars, when you can just spend even less on a POS tracphone that they can only use to CALL when in need of assistance. This app is just a bunch of fluff IMO.

        • My daughter has an Optimus T that was free with contract and she pays her own data plan. So, not fluff at all for some people.

    • Pcgotch

      Because everything relates to the internet now…Same way when I was 15 yrs old and had NO cell-phone (I’m almost 36 now)…the point? Times change and adjustments are made. Your children grow up to be technological idiots (not you personally, this is just my opinion) when not around all of these things. For instance I really didn’t understand how a college student/intern at a high profile company didn’t know what outlook, word, excel, etc was. And chances are they operate it better than we do. lol

  • VinceL

    Sad. Helps helicopter parents. Whatever happened to being free range?