Unrevoked’s List of Root-Friendly Android Devices

Unrevoked, the good folks who made it easier to root the Droid Incredible, EVO 4G and a number of other phones, are working on a list of Android phones and tablets organized by how easy they are to root.

At the top of the list, in the “root-friendly” category, are phones like the Nexuses One and S, which have manufacturer-authorized methods for rooting. Below that, phones are classified as great choices, good choices, poor choices and “no root,” that last category currently not populated with anything. Take a look: it’s handy info for those who want to take rootability into consideration as they decide which phone to buy next.

It’s far from complete, and the Unrevoked team is calling on the community to help  flesh it out. If you have devices to add, fill out this form to submit them for inclusion.

In addition to providing useful information, it seems Unrevoked would like to encourage users to vote with their dollars for manufacturers who are less restrictive: “Buy Root-Friendly. Put your money where the root is.”

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