Watch HTC Unveil Sensation 4G for Yourself [VIDEO]

HTC has kept with their own tradition of releasing their product announcements on YouTube.  The latest comes from this week’s unveiling of the Sensation 4G and is available in two videos.  We’ve taken the liberty of embedding both of these for you guys and gals to enjoy in one spot.    How do you feel about this handset and the new version of HTC Sense?



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  • Anonymous

    I don’t typically get an erection when I see a new phone, but this one is super sexy! 🙂

  • Funny presentation…..guy is talking about this phone like its a love of his life…

    and not a single word on when its coming to Tmo USA ? WTF ?

    • gad

      Why must they, this is a UK launch

  • Zimvit

    AT&T needs this phone!