AGTNFTW Droidcast #48 Tonight is Going to be Huge! (psst Cyanogen is gonna be on)


Ray Walters is back!!!  He felt so bad about missing last week, he is packing a mean punch for the show this week.  With the regular panel of hosts back in full effect and our friends over at this should be one of our biggest shows yet!

The first interview tonight will feature David Becker from PowerSkin. You may want to check out our review on the PowerSkin case we did a couple weeks ago.  David will be discussing which Android devices they support, how much they cost and how much extra battery life we should expect from their product.

The most exciting aspect of the show tonite will be our second interview.  Steve Kondik aka Mr. @Cyanogen himself will be discussing the CyanogenMod v7.0.0 stable builds that recently dropped.  We’ve documented the success of this release which now has over 120k registered devices reporting.  It’s always a huge show when Steve graces us with his presence, all it takes is a tweet to his 60k followers on twitter to make things interesting.  Also we’ll be chatting more about the BigAndroidBBQ followed by news from our lovely @StacieDaisy.

So there is only one place to be this evening at 9PM CST and that is with us at

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    April 16, 05:20 Reply

    Is there a way to download if i missed the show?

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