Contract Pricing for Upcoming Verizon Smart Phones Leaks

The two-year contract prices for multiple Verizon handsets has leaked to the internet today, giving consumers a clear indication as to what lies ahead. Among the list of devices is the Samsung Droid Charge, LG Revolution, and Droid Incredible 2. Looking over the prices we get the sense that Verizon wants to get a little extra out of their customers should they choose a 4G LTE phone.  That fast network ain’t free ya know?

  • DROID Incredible 2 = $199.99
  • Droid X 2 = $199.99
  • LG Revolution = $249.99
  • Samsung Droid Charge = $299.99

Now we have some prices to go along with some dates!  Who among you would pay upwards of $300 for phone and climb bed with a two-year contract?

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  1. After the fiasco with the Fascinate. I wouldn’t take a Samsung smartphone from Verizon no matter if it had LTE on it and it was free.

  2. Where’s the Samsung Galaxy S2. And I guess the last leaked Verizon info was bogus, because none of the phones listed have hit the scheduled dates…